What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is using software robots to do tedious and time-consuming routines otherwise performed by humans.

Why RPA?

The technology works 24/7, 365 days with minimum human supervision, high precision, and guarantees rapid ROI. RPA can enable industries to empower employees to work faster, keep operational costs down, improve management decisions, and develop products and services faster.
RPA in Manufacturing Manufacturing organizations can go beyond the production lines by digitizing and automating manual spreadsheet-driven, mundane, and time-consuming processes that involve intensive manual efforts. Essential tasks like Invoice processing, Identifying industry standards and regulations, Inventory control, etc. can be made faster and easier through RPA.
ROI Benefits
  • 41% organizations have witnessed an increase in market share
  • An average of 10-minute time reduction for every process
  • 37% increase in employee morale
  • An average of 2.5% productivity gain
Why Impiger for RPA? With a market-proven framework for rapid deployment of RPA solutions and technical expertise on UiPath, Impiger's team can help your business build scalable solutions for manual, high-volume, and time-consuming tasks. Our technology appropriates repetitive tasks to bots with endless reservoirs of productivity, efficiency, and beneficial to industries.
Use Cases
Bank Office& Clerical

Back Office & Clerical

Administration & Reporting
Front office

Front Office

Customer Support & Service Desk
End to End

End to End

Connecting Process Islands
IT Support

IT Support

Service Desk, System Administration
Data Migration

Data Migration

Legacy System Integration / Transition / M&A
Service Digitization

Service Digitization

Self Service & Channel Shift
Our end-to-end implementation services
  1. Evaluate your existing processes Consulting
  2. Project management Identify areas for RPA implementation
  3. Create Automation Roadmap Design and development
  4. Implementation Test prototype and prove the concept
  5. Design, develop, and deploy solution Migration from any CMS
Our Customers

See how we can help your business with a custom RPA solution tailor-made for your unique needs.